Here you can see some of our work

Titans Fight Team

Ursula Sandner

NouMax: Apple Premium Service Provider Romania


Bodybuilding and optimal nutrition for all of us


A presentation made for Elena Adorian, graphic designer


Epicness Events



A music album trailer

Lise Bourbeau

Trailer for an interview with Lise Bourbeau, writer and founder of Grande Ecole de Développement Personnel au Québec

Menis Yousry

Trailer for an interview with Dr. Menis Yousry, psychologist and founder and facilitator of the Essence Process


Trailer for a modern theatre show by Lavinia Urcan

Atelier de Paris

Make-up presentations for

Wake up!

A promo shoot and edited for Pera Novacovici’s Alpha Personality

Mentor and Disciple

A trailer for Pera Novacovici’s book, Alfa: Mentor and Disciple

Vică Adorian

An interview with Vică T. Adorian, dean of Fine Arts Faculty of The West University of Timisoara

Ludmila Tarakanova

Masterclass & workshop

Alpha Blog

A video trailer for the re-launch or Alpha Personality blog



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